Tammy Rice

Up-cycled inner tubes

I don't want ordinary - it's not my nature.

I have always naturally lived my own style of life, the way I dress, how I undertake things & what makes me tic.

My heart is happy outside the normal & my art is no exception.


Welcome, I am Tammy Rice, a self-taught artist from central Minnesota.


I create with discarded and used materials and upcycle them into new distinctive creations. 

My collections are made from various discarded inner tubes and found objects. 

In my designs I use tractor, heavy equipment & bicycle inner tubes.  

Why my interest in inner tubes? 

I was surprised to learn that inner tubes take decades to hundreds of years to decompose.
In bicycle inner tubes alone, over 26 million will end up in our landfills within two years.
Yikes, that's a lot of landfill waste.
So, I started to wonder how I could re-purpose them into something useful, something that would express me as an artist & you as an individual.
That was back in 2007 & today, my art has more meaning to me than ever. 

Our planet needs our attention.

When I'm cutting & cleaning the materials I use, I love to imagine the stories it could tell...what has it been doing?

How did it get to where I found it?

What fields did this tractor inner tube plow, the cattle it fed, who's livelihood did it support?

How many miles has this bicycle inner tube traveled?

How much fun did it have carrying the cyclist down the trail to explore?

it's history being made into new.

I am inspired by any texture, shape or attitude that is uncommon.
I love bold style, forward thinking & I sure damn love being creative.
I choose greener grass & empty landfills.
My hope is that my designs will inspire you -  to be you, to be free to rock it, to be uncommon!

What I do for fun.

Truly, I think just about anything is fun!


I have an awesome family & great friends to hang out with.

I enjoy Minnesota summers to be outdoors, I love to ride my bicycle, hike deep into the woods & being on any body of water!


On a rainy day, I better head to my studio cuz when it's sunny & warm, I'll be outside.


I enjoy reading, playing cards & watching movies that make my heart flip.


I'm pretty simple...I love life & a good pair of jeans!


Together we can make a difference, lets keep inner tubes out of our landfills!
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Thank you, Tammy

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